I Love to Read

You know how "they" say: "Do what you love?" Well, if I could find a way to only read books all day and get paid for it, that would be it for me! I'd much rather read a book than watch TV or a movie.

I have a few favourite authors, but I go through phases. I especially love British and Irish authors for their way with vocabulary.

I don't like to read very deep or depressing books. I read to be entertained, so my favourite author right now is Marian Keyes. Her stories are about women and life. They're funny, sad, and even thought-provoking.  I also like Sophie Kinsella, but that's really fluff. It's a guilty pleasure. I'm kind of addicted to "chick lit" right now!

CandyAppleRed CandyAppleRed
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2007

Marian Keyes is a chick lit guru!! She was instrumental to this genre of fiction. All of her books are great! I'm collecting all of the inspiring chick lit books! The Shopaholic series (Sophie Kinsella) are equally awesome! I hope one day to be published. Even if I'm a one-hit wonder, I wouldn't mind! These books are inspiring to me! I will definitely keep reading chick lit books. It may look like fluff, but believe me, they're not that easy to write! Like other fiction books, you have to have plots, characters, dialogue, etc. It's a definite challenge and I'm up for the challenge. Would love to hear from others who are writers or aspiring writers of chick lit. Also, those who love to read chick lit!! :-)

I adore reading too! I like to read romantic stories...it makes me feel good that at least "someone's" love life is working out haha And I agree that reading is so much better than movies or TV because you have the ability to be creative in adding details that the author has left out.