I'll Read Any Piece of Paper That Has Writing On It!!

I love to read! My daddy gave me my first novel at age 5. It took me six months to finish considering I couldn't speak english and I was being home schooled to read english. I remember running home from school and picking up the book and marking all the words I couldn't pronounce or read. I'd wait for him to come home and bombard him with questions. Then he introduced me to the dictionary, so I could look up the words on my own.. Since then not only my bond with my dad deepened, but my love for books exploded.. I'd read the newspaper from cover to cover without being asked to.. I'd read anything from magazines to books in any language that my parents left lying around.. I got my first library membership when I was 8. It was the happiest day of my life.. Yes I am truly proud to say I am a book nerd!
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1 Response Mar 4, 2007

i can truly say u share my love for books and its good 2 kno since society is leaning on movies and video games now lol