I Do! I Do!

You know in Peter Pan when Tinker Bell is dying because Captain Hook tried to poison Peter and Tink took the fall? Well just like Peter where he is exclaiming, "I do believe in faeries. I do! I do!"... well I don't know about the faerie thing. But, I do love to read. I do! I do!
    Honestly, I probably read at least 3 books a week. I go on tangents where I will read one a day and then I just stop. So, I would say on average I read 3 times a week. I just finished up a particularly charming trilogy by Megan McCafferty. If you like good and well-written teen books I totally reccomend Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, and Charmed Thirds. They are so good! I also started a new series by Sara Shepard called Pretty Little Liars. It's a great read for someone who wants a little action and deception. The next book in the series is Flawless, but it's not out yet.
    Honestly though, if you love to read that is so wonderful because books are just so completely amazing! I love imagination and creativity and believing in the power to learn from books and have experiences is well... AWESOME! So read away! :P
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Me too! Me too!