I Read A Number Of Books Each Week!

I love to read. I like biographies, I like to read historical works, and I like romances. I also like to read philosophicasl works, and some spiritual books. I am not so big on the Holy Bible (although I have read it once, when I was younger). I have read many books on the Imperial families of Russia, and of course Napoleonic. I like the histories of medieval times and of the twentieth century.

I like to look at catalogue style books about art., the artists and their techniques, the statuary of geniuses like Michelangelo.

My aunt buys me a new book regularly. An ecclectic mix
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2012

I love reading history, the renaissance, the old England...<br />
in short i love reading about the time when art and literature were given their due respect.... when men were gallant and women were honourable :D

I like history especially military history,from ancient greeks to modern day

Me too, I cant help but read, even when I am busy in office, I find myself attracted to some feature piece..but I love it, coz it has made me a step ahead of my peers in knowlegdge of what's around me.