The Answer For My Last Story

Thinking about it, making a flashback to those days, I swear I cant understand why I didn't  link this two stories before.

It was december, one year ago, it was raining and I was trying to find my way home, i was lost in my city, so I decided to take a bus and let it take me whateaver it were  going.
When I entered to the bus It wasn't pretty crowded, there were a few persons sitten on different places at the bus.
I take a sit at the far end of the bus, and I started to stare at the people.
I saw a women crying, talking thru her phone, she seemed to be devastaded so I tried to figure out what was her problem, after a few minutes, I discovered that the problem was her son, he was sick, I really wanted to went there and talk with her but i realiced that it was going to be really odd.
So I decided to focus my attention to another person in the bus, there was a couple kissing eachother (too grosse to see) a granny making a sweater, a police man, and a bunch of more people.
I saw them for a while, tring to unravel the mistery of their lives when I realiced that I wasn't alone, there was a boy (pretty same description of the boy in my last story, but i'm pretty sure he wasnt the same) sitten next to me, i didnt see him comming to my sit but still he was there, 
I pretended that i didn't see him and stare to a window...
he asked me then
the boy - Why is that woman crying?
 me -Is her son, he is sick...
(an awkward silence)
the boy -how do you know it?
me - because I heard her talking to her husband
the boy - owww so is she alraight?
me - Yes she is, her husband just called her back a few minutes ago, their son is better now.
That was posibbly the strangest conversation in my whole life, we talked about the future of those people, about our future (mine mostly), about past, about life, about everything and still we didn't said our names...
when I realiced where the bus were I discovered that It was pretty close to my house.
I said to him 
me - Hey I think I gotta go!my house is really near here and it's really late.
the boy - yeah I know, it was really nice to talk to you.
me - thanks! so, this is the good bye.
the boy - well, it's a See you later Abdiel!
I was getting off the bus so I didnt noticed something bad with that.
me - Good bye!!! 
I though about this for a while, 
-what a strange boy! and I didnt even know her..... 
then I remembered, we didn't said our names.
so... what do you think? I hope someone that read my last story read this one... forgive my grammar I'm really exited to share this so... what do you think?
Xbdiel Xbdiel
18-21, M
Feb 19, 2012