Drug Of Choice

Books have always been my drug of choice...they were my escape growing up...by the time I was 10 I had read the complete works to that time of Heinlein and Stephen King....I read very fast and devour whole series...my absolute favorite book EVER is Gregory David Roberts' "Shantaram"
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2012

I wish I could read really fast with that special superfast reading technique but I cant yet

I never purposely learned a technique...it just happened as I read and developed

I mean there is that special way of reading when you skip words and read diagonally between lines instead of reading from left to right every word

nope I dont know how to do that, I read left to right, just very fast*shrugs*

Nothing like a good book to let yourself escape for the time you're reading it, possibly putting yourself in as one of the characters, wishing you were one of them. When I'm finishing a great book I'm always a little sad that these characters, friends, will be gone when the last page is read and cover closed for the last time. I do re read some of my favorites from time to time, but still there is nothing like the first time those characters come into your life and they take you away for four or five nights of reading before going to bed or those epic novels that can't be put down because I get so involved with them.

very well stated...*warm smile*

Same here. I do not like non fiction...I read to escape and I like to escape into fiction, not cry over an event that has happened.

I do like non fiction...but my first love shall always be fiction...all genres if its a good book...its a good book *warm smile*

True...good books are hard to put down and come back to reality from:)