I Love Reading!

Ever since i was a little child i have loved reading!
In every school report the teachers wrote how brilliant my reading skills were and so advanced they were by my ages!!!

I was reading books designed for teenagers at 9 - 10 and had read every book in the school library before i left primary school!!

My love for reading never stopped!
I used to read before i went to bed and then in the morning if i had a spare 10 minutes i would get the books out before high school and college!

Now I read books everyday! i can very easily finish books in less than a week if i get into it as i think everything else can wait until Ive finished the next chapter!
There has been many times Ive woken up in the morning with  a book still opened in my hands!!

I have bookcases, drawers etc full of books and i cant part with them even though i have read them all and getting more for the collection!!!

I did find a website last night tho where you label your book (the website give you a number etc) then you leave it in a cafe, shop, school by a lake etc and then log it on to their site so people can look for it! and then read it!

I think that is what I'm gonna do to make room for my new books!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Mar 26, 2007

I lately have a fetish for Katie MacCalister. Alot of her books are under the romance section of stores. But she has some fantastic fantasy books, too. She's modern, intellegent, and comical as hell! She writes as if she's talking one-on-one with a person too! My favs: The Corset Diaries; Sex, Lies and Vampires; and the You Slay Me dragon series. Oh, and Men In Kilts. If you like to LOL this is a great start!