Voracious Reader

I have always loved reading since I was a young child. Could not get enough books to keep me happy or busy. In school I was always a couple of grade levels above my peers and my actual grade. I just could not get enough. I wanted to explore new adventures and escape to new worlds. I always wanted to learn, to grow, to soak up like a sponge anything new and exciting. As I entered high school and college the reading was still there but a bit more controlled and focused what I actually got into and could not put down. I found myself drawn to psychological and legal thrillers, mysteries but without the gore, some history and some biography. And even today, I love browsing the book stores to find something to read and hopefully keep me on edge until the end. Reading for also helps me relax after a long day at work or when I just want to temporarily escape the real stress of the world.
davidb5356 davidb5356
51-55, M
Mar 25, 2012