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We were suppose to be working on our marriage.  HE LIED , told me he would not contact her. I started packing and was leaving, but he ask me stay.  I am really having trouble with me. I am obsessed with this issue.  I do real well some days and not good others. He has not contacted her in over 3 weeks.  Yet, I do not trust him and would love to punch them both square in the face.  I won't but damn this hurts more than I can tell you.  I am going to set up an appointment with a professional.  I never thought the day would come that I was so emotional that I could not handle something in my life.  I am a fool!  How to get past an emotional affair is the question of the day, week, month for me!  I may also need anger management!  I think I should have just got the divorce and saved myself.  Unfortunately, I really do not want a divorce.  what the heck is wrong with me?
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1 Response Mar 31, 2012

Do not leave, let him leave. He is the one with the problem. Think about what you need to be sane, It is normal to be angry. If you seek anger management it could work against you also. Talk to people on here to vent your rage. Try to hold you head up high, be happy, show him that you can and will make it. Take care of yourself and start preparing paperwork, bank acct info, titles...go to library and get book on separation/divorce seek info from lawyer consultation should be $50.00. good luck to you

Thank you! I have spoken with a lawyer and know that I get 50% of everything. I have lost over 30lbs , exercise and I am eating healthy. We are getting along better than ever had a wonderful weekend. My problem is I am waiting for "the other shoe to fall "as they say. I know she is just waiting for him. She post pictures of herself on Facebook all the time (yes, she was a friend) I keep checking our cell phone records, emails, facebook. Have found nothing so far. Then I ask myself can he really be telling the truth? He keeps telling me he wants that "black time in our lives over", I want to believe (some days I really do) but I am really having trouble with it. I have two sons in college and they really need our support. I need to make sure they are taken care of. My husband and his side kick (that is my name for the Witch!) I would love to make them feel the hurt as I have! I know two wrongs do not make it right. I have always been emotionally very strong, I just feel a bit out of control sometimes. I will stay strong, keep my eyes open and move forward with or without him.

you go girl. must be 100% transparency for you to trust him again. I understand got one child still in college and he is no help, poor him, no $$ gonna have to go bankrupt he tells the kids. LOL sale the boy toys I say. I want you to think about what you (you) (you) really want. I know the kids are very important, but soon it will be just the two of you or just you, what are your dreams and desires? i hope you have a beautiful day. ps get you some vitamins dear, don't make me worry about you. stress works on us internally to...