One night as I was sleeping I had a dream of running from a large serpent woman. While I was running a woman was running with me. We were running through the woods only to come to an old Asian style house next to a lake, we both heard the large SerpentWoman coming. Suddenly I slipped and fell into the lake while the woman tried to help me back up on the wooden porch. When I started to get up I saw the SerpentWoman, ****** the woman I was running with, and killed her. I was hidding under the water when all of a sudden the snake Woman screamed. My heart was pounding as the lake water rippled over my face. All of a sudden the snake woman looks into the water.  My body stops moving the snake woman moves on for at least a few inches away I'm guessing. I peak my head out to see if she's gone only to find that she is sitting right up above me sniffing the air.There is a sudden breathe that escapes my mouth and I go back under the lake water.
                                                   She twists around and looks into the water again and see me trying not to move. She screams again and jumps into the water with me and starts licking me and coiling around my objective member and my body.
Joker86 Joker86
18-21, M
Apr 2, 2012