I Love to Read.  Especial...

I LOVE to read.  Especially books by Anne Rice and VC Andrews.  I can get lost in books.  To me it's not even like reading.  I don't see the words on the page I see the movie in my head.
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Stephen King saw a boy get hit by a train when he was young, but he does not attribute that with his horror genre, he says it was just the Genre he seemed to fall into. Although, after reading the Bachman Books (His other pen-name) I can see his general tendency to write about fears...including going mad.<br />
Anne Rice used to enthral me, her long drawn out explanations...but I haven’t read an Anne Rice since Blackwood Farm and that did not hit me in the face like her others. Both authors are character driven and I like that.

I really like these 2 authors, too! But I've often wondered what kind of childhood Andrews had! I mean, all her books are about children being extreme victims, the Grandma is always a tyrantical b****, and at least one main character commits insest!!! What is up with that! I'd like to delve into Stephen King's psychy too. Then again, maybe I wouldn't! lol.