Broken Island

Okay, so I was 13 years old and set to go on a cruise vacation down to the Virgin Islands. Days before the vacation, I made some mistakes and got grounded.. My mom being a total henchman...continued my grounding sentence onto the cruise ship and forced me to stay onbored the ship the whole time. On the second day of the cruise I was walking down a flight of stairs, tripped, fell and broke my ankle horrifically... After visiting the doc, and getting wrapped in a nice cast all hopes of getting off the ship were broken. My mom, still being a henchman had zero simpathy and continued the punishment. Then all of a sudden, a thought poped into my head- "she will never guess that i would sneak off the ship on crutches..." and so I did..... The next day we stopped at Nassau Bahamas and after my parents left for their excursions, I hobbled my gimp *** off the ship and headed for as much trouble as I could find. Until this day they dont belive that I snuck off the ship and made it times-
Cronosatalite Cronosatalite
22-25, M
Apr 25, 2012