I'm A Nerd

I admit it. I am.

Yes I love just coming home and curling up in s chair snd start reading a good book :)

I mean heck! For Christmas I asked for a Kindle. Lol
RogueAngelWithoutWings RogueAngelWithoutWings
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Its hard for ur fave author to sign a kindle:-) id love a jeff deaver signed book or a jeff rollins signed book!

Don't have any signed books

I've only ever read Murakami novels on my Kindle app, so for me, reading Murakami is inextricably tied together with the e-book experience. I wonder if a book experience is changed by the e-component of the experience?

I think so

Amen to your story. I just gotta grab the cat, a coffee and and ebook... best way to relax =)

Having a desire to read doesn't make you a nerd by any stretch.<br />
<br />
Not sure which Kindle you got, but I'd highly recommend the touch screen one. I got the B&W (1st gen?) and although it's fairly user friendly, it takes a toll on your eyes. I think I'm getting the Kindle Fire soon though - my brother has one and loves it.......in an unnerdy sorta way :P

I have the original first one that came out.

Loll I Went As Far As Too Ask For Another Bookshelf(:

No room!