I Like To Read

I read in a perfectly normal, conventional place....curled up on a sofa in our living room, beneath a light. My friends tell me I read too much. Every time they see me, my nose is buried in a book. Mysteries, thrillers, History - I read them all. And I learn a lot, too!

I've learned that history repeats itself and that happy endings are often bittersweet. I've learned that having a good friend comes in handy, and that many things in life happen for the best - even if we don't like or understand them. I read for school, for entertainment, even out of curiosity. Reading offers me freedom. For me, reading is an escape that not only lets me get away from the stresses of life and totally immerse myself in a far away place, it's also the kind of escape that makes me think.
kialiaciao kialiaciao
22-25, F
May 4, 2012