Reading Is Breathtaking

the title is true when you find an amazing book you never want to put down. you hope it keeps going but then it ends. the last really great book i just finished is called scars by cheryl rainfield. its about a girl who cuts to shut out past memories of her sexual abuser that begin to surface. it's so dark and moving, but those are some of the best. i also started reading the cirque du freak series. finally. i don't know why it took me so long to want to start geting into them, but so far it's really good. i've got a long way to go before finishing the series, but that's okay.

some of the stories that have changed my perspective are my favorites, many of which are classics. a clockwork orange (which i am obsessed with), brave new world, the strange angels series, animal farm, the among the hidden series, running out of time, many of ellen hopkins books, and all of joe hill's books (stephen king's son). weirdly enough, i have never read any of stephen king's books, even though i love most of the movies based off of them. and yet i've read all of joe hill's books. i think i'll start reading the dome this summer. that one sounds good. there are so many books i want to read it makes my head spin with the distraughtness of having to pick only a few at a time. shame.
craftworkorange craftworkorange
18-21, F
May 11, 2012