I can't figure out, what this is all about.
I can't seem to understand, how I'm supposed to be part of a greater plan.
Everything in my life is completely out of place,
The pieces are falling everywhere and I'm starting to see that there's no winning the race.
But if I give up now, I'm giving in to the madness.
Just giving up and succumbing to massive sadness.
Am I willing to do just that?
Can I give up just to have time to spare?
See that's the difference between you and me.
I cannot just give up, and I refuse to just let it be.
You have never walked an inch in my shoes,
so don't you dare judge me or try to accuse.
What you don't realize is this,
Life is Crazy, Life is a Mess, but giving up means you failed the test.
It's not about who wins the race,
It's about enjoying it no matter how long it takes.
Happiness is knowing your where you want to be,
it could always be worse, open your eyes so you can finally see.
Never give up, never give in,
Always smile and try not to sin.
When that doesn't work go grab the gin,
Raise your glass and let the Party Begin!
CAbaby21 CAbaby21
22-25, F
May 12, 2012