Sorry, Mommy...

My dad just made ribs for my mother, they were indeed quite delicious.
My mum told me to take the cold pasta salad out of the fridge. I said "ew" playfully cause I honestly I don't care for the stuff.My dad had made it the day before and gave me a look.I thought he was in a good mood and decided to say ew again. Turns out that happy mood was just in my head. I was walking away from them to my room and my dad said "say ew one more time"
I did cause it thought we were just joking.
he threw a rib at my temple. It hurt.
I just walked away, went to the bathroom and rinsed the sauce out of my hair.
Not sure if i have a right to be pissed or not.
I could here him for the bathroom saying that i was ******* moron and how dare say **** bout his cooking. I'm a spoiled *****, brat, moron...
I was sad but I was mostly angry at myself cause today is mother's day. I always **** up ****. And now my mum had to deal with my dad being all pissy.
I'm sorry mommy.
I'm so sorry...
I'm sorry
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Don't be sorry. It's not your fault your dad's a *****. Besides, you were just kidding around, not realizing that he was upset.<br />
<br />
This post should be in a group about being verbally abused. Maybe you made a mistake and put it in the wrong group, it's possible because people seem to do it a lot.

Sounds like your dad was the one that screwed it up. Everyone has dishes they don't like, but he shouldn't chuck stuff at you for saying so. <br />
Big hugs xxx