Not Crazy, But Interested

I'm not really that avid in reading, but when I get a book that's interesting, I sit and finish it, no matter what I have to miss.

My taste varies a lot. Sometimes I fancy myself a Jane Austen, classic literature kind of girl, but other times I like fast-paced stories. I'm currently on a chick lit stint and I know a lot of people scoff at the shallowness of the writing, but I thoroughly enjoy most of the phases I go through.

One thing everyone must know is that I despise Danielle Steel. She is redundant, fractured, and slow in her writing and while her ideas may be good, I found I could not get through twenty pages of her books. How she is a best-selling novelist, I will never know.

Also, I don't like philosophical, long-winded, impossible-to-read, 500-page monster books that everyone says are the masterpieces of our time. They are masterpieces because they took 15 years to write? Or because they are so hard to understand that it must be genius. I don't understand.

But I didn't come here to rant about what I dislike. If you'd like to agree with or challenge my opinions on the things I mentioned, please go ahead. I love communication.

HotPotatoeDahling HotPotatoeDahling
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1 Response Apr 9, 2007

I absolutely adore Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. i also like Harry potter. i don't know if this book fits into your 500 page impossible to read category but i love it anyway. i love classics too, like Anne of Green Gables [