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        Lord! The name of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God Jehovah Almighty .. And the grace of the Holy Trinity living in your grandparents with you forever ... And may the Holy Spirit (Holy Spirit) envelops the His faithful servant, and supporting us every day! Please shed blood of Jesus envelops us all to us is forgiveness from God and the blessings God gives peace, health is going, the wisdom, the wisdom and financial ample, healing, spiritual wealth, stay away from sin and all temptations, abundance of love and mercy .... on the servant of the Lord, begging God to give us verbal form type of course and witness of course, to strengthen us so that we say what God has grace for us! much so that we serve and worship God is perfect, because God has chosen us .. I thank God for Jesus is Jehovah God Almighty and Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit (Holy Spirit), and honor forever praise praise and worship only God alone Trinitarian life forever! The Thanh Tin Please Pray In the Name Jesus Christ Amen † †
       Dear brothers and sisters! My name Duc Thanh Bui: I would do the following witnesses for the salvation of God is real and alive in me every ngay.Va follows the story of my life May the Lord open our eyes and hearts of his sisters.
       I was born into a family quite a few news generally not wealthy and not rich, my parents called me Duc Thanh Bui also known as Bo Bo. I grew up in the support of family, my 9th grade school and then started on the road of life was to go his own way of life "dissipated Wanderer". Now my father is my sister in the country is fine with my paternal family, my father came to America in 1995 hours, then go to my sister in 2009. External side of my house Buddhism Cao Dai church, my sides are baptized, I do not believe at all the whole, I began to know God in my 14 years. The day before New Year but I do not remember that day I will remember for a lifetime. About 12 hours on some late night late I eat, drink with you I is composed of 4 persons Including both me and when finished drink on the way to the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Tran Dinh Xu then suddenly hear a lot of noise of motorcycles of the net playboy po ram ram, but with a new experience to play that little brother is only four of us looked back, about ten car highway running from three to unexpected and is full of weapons on hand edge (where the ship), knives, coming towards us, as close as they see these people aggressive but it was tipsy. (When the road I have put in play our hero is not always defend your friends and better protect the weak.) When they are closer to where I dread for the 3 friends that "us time to run away I stopped to talk to them, rather than running off the crowd is dead. "The three people say you finished then I ran away and a flying height of your death I ran to see you live you have to touch the car again and then, then finished I was surrounded by aggressive people did, because my eyes tear spread tipsy, I heard one person who asked "Eh new traps cutting one of us in this right?" I replied, "I'm cutting How much you back? Bags I go about that drink! "Then add one of those people voiced that" Heat mother, cutting error than overlooked. " Because the sentence that I remember for a lifetime, then I immediately decapitated head in a blow to my right turned to fall and a blow to my right leg collapsed as sin, then at that time I heard the cry that cutting dies his mother then I thought I was dead for sure because I felt it was being hacked around the body and then suddenly a strange thing that I remember when Jesus go to church with my paternal home, I turned call in thinking that "God Save You" has just fainted, I definitely did not feel anything until you open your eyes to know he was in hospital 115. And strange is that I became conscious and said he had not died, three stitches on my head and nose in the second leg nose right shin, exotic, especially when I fainted it felt very much Additional stab at me, but someone cover for me or what, I think 'make it' if not why my buttocks on two villages the bruised clouds whip whip like that, even a few months my tummy . And I began to experience a miracle no one other than people I've known research that is "Jesus Christ", he himself escaped death saved me. After the accident, and the miracle that I determined to ask the school to get baptized and christened Joseph. I write thank God Almighty table and begin to see God every day, but because I was giddy age mired in sin and many have forgotten the Lord a long time! Then came a power happen to save me Jesus more precious an off taste again! It happened in 2003-2004 something I do not remember eating or drink alcohol should play! Every  so that I was taken
ßtime they drink drink drink a bottle of each wine  to hospital for ulcerative Saigon stomach "drink not eat." When I no longer put his face pale little blood. Take me to the intensive care unit doctors told my mother and my mother recounted that "if the very first two blood bags without evolution, so famous, because too much blood inside to severe anemia , not of blood to the brain and put up around the body. "Tell my mother finished, sad, then the man I Hai said this is wired, wireless ECG and oxygen camera. While invisible, I had two blood bag blood cheer, think about when you're out of breath is easy, right? Cochin has a natural oxygen directly but I could not breath and I try to breathe for forced duoc.Luc life but not that I felt I was dying I had in mind that "Jesus is Lord Compassionate Father Son Please entrust into your hands. " Just think about the question that finished 2-3 seconds, then I fainted like dark lights off does not know anything anymore. The miracle has happened to you Oh! when I woke up it was a bit weak and vague in dau.Nguoi not know the first thing I saw my mother and I knew I was alive, I asked my mother is my mother recounted to me everything that is "I have 2 days hepatic coma, apnea time, the machine's heart doctors Alarm run at it was not for her Mother Play In The Name Son Mother cried seriously Site, but thank God because doctors have size Search For The Resurrection Power For The Forest Floor Well just died. " Back one again I thank the Lord Jesus Christ has Great People From 2nd to save my life, then I thank the panel to work and put in a church located in Nguyen Van Si Nguyen Trai. But this idea is finished, I was eager to win is always the temptation also make playful strokes like the looks of the hero, my heart always saying this because it's haunted "Length more than Left Behind" and reminds me I was so pungent blood to help his friends to follow me to the guillotine! cutting is such that whenever I feel anything until we gut the only ground, more and more fascinated! whether or not the right person I like revenge so cutting. and later I was on the road pullover playboy fierce that "ecstasy, rocky shores, every stone" soy ke I do not play! but especially "every stone" is the most prevalent and is now the fashion of young people now to show the people how the hedonistic "I was wearing an earring the left ear," I later know "Earrings" is the convention with that CRAP they quy.Nhung waist like I do not know until I got out through the power of God is that it will damage the brain and drying their brains as I've ever been and it is noteworthy that do much more bad when it approved the ..... More and more I become aggressive until one day in 2008. I was probably the immediate future I made up some fine fly away to focus my Father and then my sister should not go behind me. Interviews finished everything on the plane waiting on the second day I was way into the house and the police arrested me in my 22 years old, is back story about the time I was arrested after 4 days.
   That day when I'm at home playing online games, you invite me to go fight! at first I did not go because of the enticement and so I went that day was the day of my destiny. After cutting each other when I went to bed and as usual I did not even know anything about people being hacked until I was arrested I was not aware that one person had died, something terrible is causing more death is, I was petrified as for lost future, lovers, parents thus far. The most horrible thing I was arrested and when I go to Chi Hoa prison, when I entered and saw the AB table topic is "Common Body Zone - Tu Image" I knew right then that there is no way back again! I was in it and no longer as the longer life. When there is only around 4 walls with a dark dim the lights dim because there is no sun day and night. After few days I do not know me and have opened a path that eventually recalled Jesus taught there is, "Whoever believes in Jesus no matter There will also live to die" and I was many more ideas such as the Lord said unto my words, "Who Lives sword sword will die, But for what, Who Lives For What It's going to die." I feel afraid hai.Xong I remember the times God Jesus saved me so I step on the path to the Lord! So I pray to God that "If it was in Jesus' na-far-ret is the only divine forgiveness of sins, healing, expelling all the temptations of Satan, the father begging though I know I did was worth more by sin I have done, but I still ask the Father, for I know that only left us but Cha Cha never leave us, because He is the Lamb and we strung a flock of Father! and the Master is your Father, the companion is a loving Father and God of our Lord. I ask the Father for the opportunity to meet your mother because you are my roommate said when the project is significant from 6 months to a certain time might be 3 years when the survey is not being met families that visitation time only gift Daddy! because the mother had not signaling to the day, so now I have to add any taste when crime was on the Na, like you had committed further offenses in the second commandment is murder and disloyalty. And if the grace of the Father given me Father, then I would serve in the place of imprisonment and this is the place where sinners are here! Son of the Father, and no one outside the children believe that you will be with this lowly sinner. please and thank you Father heard the call on the competent † Amen. " Public tender and the power of God is with me when I pray is finished, the next day, the lead investigator to visit my mother, "I thank the Lord Jesus Christ Because Father having responded to my call .Jchild's needs "and so on 2 or 5 days I was visiting my mother was like, jealous roommate with me  Since then I have made promises to God is talking about the power of his fellow prisoners! It is strange that the inmate on a like to listen to me about Life and Miracles of Jesus! however, a number of people not listening and not listening to me is the religious, pagan (including all directors) and strangely the brothers believe what I said and I pray, just pray for him she then miracles happen as what did you want and they trust me and believe in Jesus and the life they promised when they will turn to God, but I said to the man who has been blessing that "the miracle that he, his father, he received the power of God is the Lord Jesus Christ, not by me, has promised the Lord promised me not to remember clearly." And every time someone the gift, I thank God prayed and God gradually made me more excited and happy, not sad anymore, but think about the evening of speaking the word of God, and though opposed by the other directors . Miracles have happened makes me happy circus wisdom is that they think I'm sick because I say the whole Lord Jesus, "I Just Do not Know Why did I do strange things which I have never known" and "wear though I do not ask Jesus to save me from my imprisonment for the crime they must do physically punished by the law is still on the Lord set my soul always prayed for God to forgive sins and purify my soul, save my soul. "They took me for assessment. You know the average person crazy fake false crazy when the electricity meter in the brain, but also 0. My family can not care for me and and my mother met in Buddhism but when I told her to trust Jesus and my mother challenged me to pray and respond to Jesus and promised if I would look to save her mother posted Chua.Khi Mental hospital is 2-3 who accompanied me and who I know for sure is death or life imprisonment, at first I do not know many people assume that I thought was real crazy, but when assessment, the third person does not have the disease even in the indictment is not subject of investigation around the bush. Well gentlemen God saved me and miracles happen as if the Lord is one assessment that I was sick and the sick. Then I dropped plans from paragraph 1 murder 12 years to 20 years to life - death and sin is the lightest I General Body but the Lord has given to sin and became deliberate injury leads to death about 3 from 5-15 years. Light least 5 years! And further more you treat me, Oh it only came three years because of illness! I was 22 I was granted special amnesty and returned before the deadline is 16 months! What I overlooked is that when in the camp of Psychiatry! was noon when I was sleeping and saw a stale stale strange light spill into the room where I lay the bright light, brighter than the sun. Initially I feared, but gradually I became to feel safe and I realized that it was the Holy Spirit spoke to me and my ears to 2 times that "I Like It To Be Just" because I need prayer each day and served until he was reborn to life again. What I want to wish the day were that day the Holy Spirit light to dark that I dreamed it! And what do I get happy to see the image that is true witnesses of Christ. Oh he is beautiful and you are gorgeous! The light emitted from Him my heart soft and become peaceful and happy! although I think that would not look to God for his longer a sinner but somehow I was just staring Jesus and his Father, Father more beautiful in your movies again, after which Father I walked over to me and bow to the Father! and thou hast said to me that "There is nothing I want to tell me?" I have said to me like you are vomiting. And I told my sins and ask God to save me, when I had just finished speaking a sentence Lord, and I remember the question and test it as soon as I am aware it's "Why I Do not Prior comes to me, everything Just Like To Have "the first sentence then I do not understand is the following sentence as morning light I heard the Holy Spirit covered. Done Father asked me that "I know the path to the Chi Hoa Prison?" I replied, "I know my Lord," then I get the car where the machine does not know God and drove the car that the car does not feel as light as So anyone behind, so run and then I carry Christ to a pharmacy and there is no table name names, but from them to cover all medicines! God told me that and I stopped at a little for the Lord God then turns out that holding two black how to do, then God told me "go ahead" and I carry God in Chi Hoa port down and then God I greeted him, God went straight in and disappeared. Just then I woke up and did not dare tell anyone about this until now! It is amazing what I dreamed of God when the assessment is completed and returned to Chi Hoa prison. God showed me what happened later when I was testing it I found at sea and ashore both sides saw the army and ships as prepared to fight fiercely. But he sure take a look and I saw that vision! it is God descending from heaven like brimstone fire fireball meteors flying down the troops ashore and most were destroyed by fire, and sea, up to a giant tsunami sunk all vessels. I get to finish and then the fear of it has disappeared! Done then God said to me, please, "I Do not Fear Out Be More confident" by God I just touched me these days. Oh almost forgot why, but God told me to carry on the Chi Hoa God you know why? Because every day I pray for God there and covered the naked eye to see where do.Toi visit was to thank God very much. And now I was testing a new vision of God here! 2 is a vision and told me that God is "confident" Oh it on you "Take The" it! and the Holy Spirit is prompting me to testify to you know it was going to happen! first vision, God was talking about me! question "Why Not Find The Right From First To me, everything Just Like To Have" the first sentence is God condemn me because I give to the Lord God and not from the beginning when I have sinned! 2nd question is secure because God told me he had arranged all for me just follow His will and not be afraid. In fact I told you that I have peace without fear while in prison! I have tried to do when in full and then close out until I promised God "when outside I also would also like to serve God despite life goes sweeper in the church because it was also honored happy "to finish the outside when I forgot you have vomiting and loss of grace until I met my wife and live with my wife a few years. My mother and I remember I was looking to God to be witnesses of her life because my wife as Protestant. Particularly distinguishing one direction, but not me because I only gentlemen believe in God is the Triune God is the LORD, the LORD Jesus Christ, and Germany and the Holy Spirit alone! The direction of thought is directed at trying to see the world only! "Church pastor Father held it was the Son of Man and also a Child of God" is fine when the Holy Spirit Church of God and always told me " Who's To Judge Who Do not be judged, Capacity Who For Not Being The Other streams I "! Your Dear little over 1 year when I went to free trade in goods outside the market so far been a week now the Lord has prompted me and the Holy Spirit touches me he urged me to work! and I question the advice you have no direction or that direction.”
  First: Do not distinguish the other this will affect the law of God laid out. Did not Jesus tells us to be grouped and united prayer together a star? And love your brother nearby stars?. If anyone says love the Lord Be Doing those things.
   Monday: wake yourselves because now that God has a plan for God to come like a thief! Dang when God came suddenly, the Lord will take us up with God! For that God has promised in the Bible and every word, every thing in the Bible God has no say? Who edited this one a biblical word of His will .... you also know? Brothers Let It Be Keeping You On Sustainability and diligent prayer, and groove Time to Get Him So Make The Most Time is very precious. After the Lord Keep us up to Him, He New Terminator villain and all that would be the end of the world! At that time there will be cries and gnashing of teeth as the word of God has promised and prophesied in the Bible says.
 For me they are trying to get over to work for God, is now I'm praying for the lost and you are encouraged to live their faith and belief to them so that they receive the Lord Almighty we. Because how many people now save that much more is better! Who We Are Ke called Seducing the fool rejoice because it's true we "fool Enticing And Soul Heaven They Go For it is God," God will save us all! look to God! What I just told one believes it or not that person! But I have God to witness to me. For further information, if you want to pray with me then message via yh!  L word is usually l3o, O 3 and is usually assembled l3o.
Grace And Thank God Blessings From Where Jesus is Jehovah God the Father - Jesus Christ is the Son - Together With The Holy Spirit In the same three siblings Gentlemen Every day until he Second Coming. WHO RECEIVES this testimony is my Please pray to God I To energize one I serve Him fully. Thanksgiving Lord †AMEN † I was in Vietnam! if necessary, contact via my email address to share what you have been receiving the blessing from God our almighty! or call me through the phone number 0932481713
                                    Date 12/02/2012
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