Some People Are Not Prepared For Men In Thongs Or G-strings

I traveled to Puerto Rico some days ago and I had the chance to sunbathe in G-string. It was great feeling peoples´ eyes on my ***. Obviouly not everybody liked me doing that, but....who cares? Thonging on the beach is awesome. Unfortunately I got a cold when I returned home and I had to receive a shot. All of a sudden the nurse started laughing but I didn't get it at that moment. The day after the appointment I realized the Sun had printed the shape of my G-string on my skin.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I am a woman & I love a man that wears thongs. I like skimpy ,barely there thongs like the ones found at . My husband wears those clear-lined thongs they sell, and they are super sexy.

She's no professional