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Hello everyone, i'm looking for someone willing to sponsor me, i am about to be 27 years old, been working on boats since i was 13 years old and my lifetime dream has been to work over seas in other country's, its been some time now since i last went to see here in my country (Honduras) on count of too little pay and  too much back killing work, in other words its not worth it here any more, i have done my seaman courses and acquired the licenses i need but i need to upgrade it, that's the reason i'm looking for a sponsor, i need enough money to pay for my trip to the capital where i will upgrade my licenses and other expenses along the way, the other reason i'm asking for this sort of help is because me and my father don't see eye to eye, actually he treats me like i am an outsider ever since i was little, i had to work really hard to get what i have now but its getting harder and my only option is to accomplish my dream, also my parents are now divorced so my mom, little sister and little brother will soon be moving to the U.S and who knows when they will be back, id go also but i never got a visa and its really hard to get one here in Honduras, so my options about what to do next is getting more and more less by the day.

If anyone can sponsor me please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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Thanks for your info ufutaa

stay in ur country life is tough outside home..this group is "i like to read" so it has to be about reading but if you still need a sponser then post this story in the "i want someone to sponser me" group. Good luck in finding one :)

i was not aware that it had to be about reading, if so im sorry