It's been a long time since my parents have divorced. Maybe like 3 years.
When they were in the process of divorcing I was in an abusive relationship.
Divorce and abuse... I developed bad anger problems.
I have a hard time giving and receiving affection from anyone.
And now that time has gone by, my dad has gotten married and his new wife has 3 kids, 2 of them live with us.
I really really liked them at first then things just start to go bad. My step mom acts like the boss.
She is just not the person i want to be around. and her kids... i absolutely don't like at all.
but on the positive side i have been in a new relationship for almost 2 years and hes really great.
Just my anger and affection issues cant seem to go away.
I will be 18 in less than 6 months and i can finally get away.
I just need some advice on how to stay calm and be positive in situations witth my step siblings and step mom.

jenabug12 jenabug12
1 Response May 20, 2012

Have you tried reading some great books? No, just joking. Have you considered taking up meditation or a sport that will get you out of the house and expose you to new people. Or have you consider taking a dance class at the local community college? <br />
You may even consider making tentative plans with dates on what it will take to exit the house, you don't have to stick to every date, but it will give you a realistic view of what it will involve.