Welded Metal Bellow Seals

Photo-Voltaic Ribbon(PV Ribbon) is made with oxygen-free copper *****, wich is then coated with tin, and is use in the manufacture of solar panel. we offer PV Ribbon in a variety of widths ad thickness, and offers it packed onto coil or spools, or cut to specific lengths.

 Libo manufactures our PV Ribbon " from acratch, " starting with high-quality copper cathode, and using our own facilities to transform it into copper ***** with a very high copper content (over 99.98%) and very low oxygen content (≤6ppm). our patented process for producing oxygen-free copper ***** gives us excellent control of our substrate material, which has superior electrical and thermal conductivity. we use the most advanced automated equipment for slicing the copper ***** to precision widths of ribbon, and then for tin-plating and packing.


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