Can't Stop Reading!!

I love to read. I also can't help myself but to read almost anything I pick up. Shampoo bottles, warning labels on cigarettes, reciepts, junk mail. If there is nothing that I am interested in to read I will read about crap I don't even care about. I read magazines from cover to cover including most advertisements (even the fine print). This has made me late for school and work because I can't stand to put somehting down in the middle of a chapter/article/page. I have gone so far as to begin to interpret the spanish version of instructions just because I had nothing else to read. Am I just a freak or does anyone else do this too?
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
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3 Responses Apr 12, 2007

Ah-h-h-h a kindred spirit, cereal boxes, anykind of book in a jam, tech manuels, I almost lost my mothers bird once because I became engrossed in the page going into the bottom of the cage. It is another world a escape or an adventure. I hope youre not a freeak because I can't begin to think what that would make me! Enjoy! Tis good for you! LoL<br />

i feel the same as hippiegirl - i am a compulsive reader as well. One particular problem is that I cannot eat without reading. So during weekdays, I have to sneek out before lunch hour to catch a quiet time with newspaper and sandwitch. This makes others in office to think that I am almost an anti-social.

I certainly love to read, but never quite to that extent. Although I do read the shampoo bottle labels like you, and the spanish versions along with that lol! You're not a freak at all!<br />
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I also read when I'm bored or if there is nothing to do or if I'm anxious. Can you relate to that? In the lobby where I live there's nothing to look at or read when I'm standing there waiting for the elevator so I read the emergency sign/warning. Sometimes when I'm doing laundy & I have to go up & down a dozen times, I'll like the read the same emergency sign thing over & over until I finally get fed up & mad at myself for doing it! lol! I just can't seem to help it.