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Books Of Revealing Your Abilities ?

i have always wanted book that talk about how to motivate your self and books about how to reveal your abilities so can anyone tell me the names of those books to buy it .thanks 
Mvendetta2 Mvendetta2 18-21, M 2 Responses Jun 4, 2012

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Dale Carnegie is the father of positive thinking.

okay thank u friend of sarah :)


i just downloaded " How to Win Friends & Influence People" :)


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No idea but you should look into abraham hicks on youtube just search abraham hicks and whatever subject and shes sure to have some video to help you. but dont get to detailed dont type a question type a subject like for example nervous or angry or happy life. use keywords and you'll most likely find what your looking for

Thanks coolscat for your help. i'll search for abraham hicks on youtube , thanks again :)