I Read the Trash Before I Throw It to the Bin.

When I was still a kid, an aunt of mine who lived in London would send us gifts and packages. And I always had the longest time of excitement among my family because long after every package/box has been opened, I still get a few kicks by reading the magazines and newspapers that my aunt used to wrap fragile things with. I refused to throw away any scrap of paper until I read it or made sure it wasn't anything interesting. So even at a young age and even as a kid living half a world away from Britain, I think I knew as much about the Royal Family back then as anyone who've actually been to UK.

Years later, I still have this habit of reading almost everything that has a print on it. As a student, I indulged in this pastime by frequenting book sales and in so doing, collected enough books to have my own little library. Now that I'm already working, I still spend time at second-hand book sales. I think I got addicted to the smell of used books. Even if I have enough money to buy new books, I still prefer buying used ones. Whatever. I just love to read.

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Your aunt actually had a nifty idea. Return the favor the next time you send a family member a gift! If they like comics, wrap the gift in comics. Ditto to if they like crossword puzzles, old car magazines, ect... you get the idea. I read newspaper stuffings that are sometimes used by shops to wrap fragile items in! lol.