E L James Or Nicci Greene?

Everyone is talking about these two exciting new erotic authors. E L James' book entitled, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has taken the world by storm and has been heavily publisised as taking erotica into the mainstream Nicci Greene's, 'My Story confessions of a Swinger' did that very thing in 2009 but maybe back then the world wasn't ready for the power of erotica. Now the two go head to head. E L James has written a series of novels and so has Nicci. James is a romance writer trying her hand at erotica. Nicci is a normal woman who simply wrote about her life but tells her story in such a compelling way that you cannot help but get sucked in. James is a slow starter with a lot of blushing and makes the female lead a shy retiruing type when the modern woman is more upfront and knowledgable about sexual behaviours. Whatever yourchoices, whatever your passions it is undenyable that Nicci greene's confessions books are more realistic and much much more erotic. If you want a book to read on the plane get EL James but if you want to be really turned on and fancy some bedtime reading go for the Nicci Greene books starting with My Story confessions of a Swinger then My Story confessions of a Seductress and then My Story confessions of a Temptress (paperbacks available from I-Proclaimbookstore.com). For those of you already reading erotic literature and fancy something really fun and naughty download Erotic Shorts the ebook from Nicci Greene available on Amazon but be careful girls it comes with a warning..
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That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me....

i just like reading, once i had nothig to read so i read my sisters stuff, did'nt know what it was until i was done. lol.

I'm male but still love erotica as long as it is written well.
Thanks for some titles to investigate.

Fifty Shades of Greene by Nicci Greene beats Fifty Shades of Grey any day

Here's an odd thing: Erotic fiction that appeals mainly to women, from the grocery store store bodice ripper to the titles you just mentioned, get the " aww, that's so cute!" response, while erotic fiction that appeals mainly to men gets "eww, a pervert!". What's up with that?

Erotica is women's **** but Nicci Greene books are not fiction

I love to read classic and modern... the idea of 'erotic' lit seems superficial and unsatisfying... I guess it's kinda like reading about riding a motorcycle or about playing guitar... somethings just aren't spectator sports. I love to ride, play guitar and sin, but reading about them would be a turn-off for me.

Obviously you haven't read any Nicci Greene books because if you had you would know its just like doing it for real

My favourite Nicci Greene book is My Story confessions of a seductress, it has everything from dirty sex to loving sex and a real story with a edge to it. I found the Fifty Shades trilogy interesting and mildly arousing but after reading Nicci's books it was an anti-climax

I loved 50 shades of gray but thought confessions of a swinger was best

I read both - My Story by Nici Green is better

nicci greene is best

I just love Nicci Greene's naughty novels!! I downloaded them all from Amazon onto my iPhone so I can enjoy them whenever I want. My favourite is called 'Erotic Shorts' coz each chapter is a tale of its own.

I read a lot of erotica and there is no doubt that Nicci Greene writes the best erotic novels on the market today! Top tip - if you prefer the traditional style book you can pick up all her paperbacks at I-Proclaimbookstore.com (I keep mine under my pillow)

Nicci Greene's My Story confessions of a .... books are far far far better than Fifty Shades of Grey!!!