Im Going Mad

Every day i wake up and i feel out of this world its like i cant find myself my mind is so blank and hollo
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18-21, F
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I don't believe you.....

I believe it is how you feel but it is not your mind that is blank and hollow.
I think maybe you are a little lost with what other people expect of you. Perhaps not feeling in control.

Just a guess.

I believe that you might need some spiritual gaidance, and seek help. The enemy knows how to drag people down and hurt them until they feel their very worst. <br />
<br />
God Love you man, I dont know who you are, nor what you've done, or what your living situation is, but Jesus came down and died for us, and we should not live life feeling the way you do. Every day is a gift from above, and we have to learn how to live life in peace with love and joy, Jesus is joy.

i understand were your coming from and your right i'm a fighter and i'm not going to let this beat me i'm going to take back my life and no one is going to stop me. thank you :D

nYc 1 i lYk iT....--------!

I think maybe you should see a doctor. You may be depressed. <br />
At the very least talk to a family member or friend. Don't suffer in silence.

i know i'm depressed my body tells me the light in my heart is slowly going out and i'm fighting to keep it brightly burning i'll never give up and thank u