i've been reading a lot of lovecraft lately and i've been curious about a book that is constantly mentioned in lovecraft's stories. the book's title is ''the necronomicon'', said to have been written by a mad arab named abdul alhazred.. i have done searches on the web about the book and came upon an e-book titled ''simons necronomicon'', i wanted to download this particular e-book but the author or maybe the uploader of the book posted warnings on the books description,so i decided not to.. i wanna know if ''simon's necronomicon'' is the same necronomicon lovecraft mentions in his books and if it is safe to read it? i'm just a fairly normal guy and i dont know a lot abt these things.. can anyone help me out?
archipatz archipatz 22-25, M 1 Response Jul 8, 2012

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hello, archipatz,

the "necronomicon" is an ancient book

full of arcane and occult knowledge.

personally, i would not risk going there

unless you are certain of your inner strength, in its spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects.

that kind of stuff is serious, not to be meddled with or played around with.

good wishes to you

take care too

respect, from robbie

hey, robbiew8n,

thanks for the advice man. good thing i did not read the book in the first place.. appreciate it..

i was fascinated by the occult... started reading serious books about it.... i wont go into the details. then i had a vision.... i was awake, not asleep and not dreaming.... i believe that i was shown the possible horrors if i continued down that route.... i was about 18 yo at the time. i accepted the warning... and never pursued that kind of stuff thereafter. seems like you made a wise decision, archipatz.