Medical Stories

Because I'm a medical student I loooove reading medical stories, medical dramas etc. It fascinates me how the science can interact with human emotion and the human experience. Plus, I just love to read in general.
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ever read anything by Michael Palmer ? . . . his medical knowledge will scare the crap out of ya . . .

I found The House of God by Samuel Shem to be a great book, though you've probably already heard of it. It's about a bunch of interns making it through their first year at a hospital in the 70's.

i wouldnt be able to give a balanced view on things, i would be quite negative

i have a tonne of medical stories, i was born 40 years ago with spina bifida, i should write a book! lol

You should! Really, it helps people understand what living with it is like and it's probably nice for people to get their stories out there :)