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Not Just Like, I Love To Read!

I still remember the first real book I read. It was called The Shy One. I was 11 and my older sister had just read it. I remember starting it one morning and it was summertime. Usually I'd be with my friends out in the woods or fields getting into some sort of mischief but my parents had just received my final grade 5 report card. My grades had not met their expectation. I was given the book and told I had to read a given amount of chapters and write a mini-report on what I had read and only then could I go play. This would be the routine for the summer. I started reading it and was instantly hooked. I read all morning and passed the couple chapters I was to read. I took a blanket outside and made a little picnic lunch and went outside to the pond and read all afternoon. I was so enthralled I just couldn't put it down and by the time my father arrived from work I had completed the entire book. 

From there on my love affair with reading started and has continued since. 
MmmBabi MmmBabi 46-50, F Jul 12, 2012

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