I love fantasy fictional books. They take me away from reality and let me explore unknown worlds, with fantastic characters and strange beasts. It's like you can run away and go to your own world without all the normal people around you. I've read books since I learnt to read, and before that my grandma read to me in bed.
When I was younger, my favourite series were Animal Ark, Harry Potter and Warrior Cats. Warrior cats introduced me to the world of roleplay and I hope to attent a LARP when I have the time.
Currently, I love the Eragon series, and the Black Magician Trilogy. School requests that I read To Kill a Mocking Bird, I'm nearly finished, but have to pay close attention to what I read for it to make sense in my head. Rather dull in my opinion, but then I'm more into fantasy, so what can you expect??
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I pretty much am the same minus getting read to was kinda neglected and found awesome books that made me feel happy then when I was 14 I got very sick I got better but I'm disabled now,now i read to sorta hide and feel normal
Im the normal everyday good guy in the book.
Started out with Nancy's drew, black Stallon,hardy boys. Now it's vampires,were wolfs,shifters and romance
Need some love in there

I like fantasy fiction, too. Almost exclusively. When I took English Lit in college last year, I found at least a small amount of appreciation for other works. I particularly liked Hamlet even though I've avoided Shakespeare forever. It's all a lot more fun when you try to understand it if that makes any sense.<br />
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My favorite series will always be The Magic of Recluce even though it is not the best series. In particular I loved "Towers of the Sunset" by L.E. Modesitt jr. <br />
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As for good books, try Robin Hobb's assassin series and the followup fool series. Sanderson's "Mistborn" is one of the best series I have read and I'm pretty old and I've read a lot of fantasy novels. I tried his books because he was finishing the Wheel of Time and found they were just fantastic. Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series is really good too.

I read Macbeth and enjoyed the language while the plot wasn't really to m my taste.
I'll definitely try what you recommended, I've read one Hobb's books.. can't remember the name but it was about dragons.