I Read So Much

I read a ridiculous amount. I've calmed it down since I've gotten older but when I was younger I would read all day every day, AND I was homeschooled so I had even more time to do it. In class I would go through an ENTIRE BOOK in a day. I read awfully fast. I used to feel like it was a problem to read so much...I mean
what 10 year old reads Pride and Prejuduice?
What freshman could actually tolerate and enjoy East of Eden?
What freshman even knows who the **** John Steinbeck is?
It kind of singled me out when everyday I would come to school with a new book. And employ in class words from books I'd read. Or when I'd read a book and annotate the grammar mistakes.
Or read a book and actually LOOK for grammar mistakes so I could get a laugh and fix it.
I always wondered how even though I like to read, I've never wanted to be an author, a book critic, or anything relating to books. I just want to read them, put them away, collect them, and come back to them so I can remember the memories of the time when I first started reading them.
I don't have the patience to write one.
harajukuhunny harajukuhunny
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2012