I Read All The Time...

...every chance I get. It's honestly an addiction, and in certain situations I cannot perform other tasks if I'm not reading. I have to read before going to sleep. I have to have something to read when I'm eating alone. I need a magazine to function on the treadmill. It's the best addiction ever, though :)

I read in the bathroom. I read in bed. I read instead of working if I'm thisclose to finishing. I do, however, only read books I like now (as opposed to in my youth when I would read whatever I could get my hands on, wasting time on things that were not my style) and if it doesn't hook me in the beginning I won't be able to get to the end. That doesn't happen often though; I'm better at picking things I find worth getting through.

One of my biggest fears is losing my sight in my old age and not being able to read. I anticipate dying in a large pile of old favorites.
spiralshell spiralshell
41-45, F
Jul 21, 2012