In a world where there is so much to learn,friendship should put at the top of the list.
Friendship is not just between someone one you meet at school or someone you grow up with. It can be between family members, teachers, and parents.
For me I use to think that having friends or someone who claimed they were like family meant something. Now here I am eighteen and still don't have a good friend.
My" friends" are so into their boyfriends or giving them there all they forget about themselves. Its sad to say that I use to be like that also, so I can't judge and I won't, but as many times as they have been through it they still pick trash.
Friends to me are suppose to be someone you can talk to, tell them how you feel about things, and hoping they will do the same.
I may not have the perfect definition of friendship but, I know that I am always there, I am always there when you just need someone to listen!
I may not have all the answer and I won't front like I do. I know friends come and go, but I just wish some didn't! I also know that its not up to me either and everything happening for a reason.
I don't regret anything that has happened or anyone who is or not in my life because they have made me a stronger person!
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I think you are mature beyond your age. I felt exactly the same when I was your age, I have always had friends who are so much into their boyfriends, but married women should be into their marriage as they should have commitment. But my friends were so much into boys who didn't commit to them and finally broke up relationships. For me, I do think being a woman means you need to put aside other things at time and have to give some time off for your personal achievement. Life should be balanced, we do things for ourselves, things for people who we love, things for people who need our help. So it's just nice, I am single and I am an avid reader, I like talking to people who are younger than me and I like to nurture. You can always be my friend although there is an age difference.

older women told me you meet someone you become friend and yo get married you become bubby after 30 or 40 years togather you can you love your wife and the wife can said she love her huband, if I wish you I would put my love life on the back burner, get a good cottage education and you find somebody you really enjoy your life with.