Do I!!

Reading for me is...well, a necessity. I don't ever remember not reading. Even when i was a tiny me. Tiny me would read comics or story books which i didn't really understand, but I don't remember ever not-reading. It defines who i am.
I don't mean it like i am defined by the books I read. No. I mean, it is natural for people to associate me with books. Although, that many also be because of my profession... :/

I also think, reading is important. It makes you think about things that we generally don't give any more attention than we would an ant. That's the beauty of the written word, I guess. But, this also gives me a big flaw. I tend to judge people who don't read or those who think that reading is unimportant and a waste of time (yes, such people exist!). Such people often turn to be douches.

Anyway. So..yeah, I read. A LOT.

MadWorld01 MadWorld01
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2012