Fifty Shades Of Grey

I was a bit upset with the book in the beginning. They were moving quickly in their relationship and it seemed too much of another harlequin romance. There was nothing original about it to me.

But then I started thinking. Thinking about the entire first book. I don't know the phrase or word for it. But through their backgrounds and their journey if their relationship...itwasn't really horrible. It wasn't a cliche. I mean the whole "Dominant/Submissive" thing was a little... WOO! If ya know what I'm sayin.. BUT. Then I started thinking about the real world. Like, what if I was Anastasia. And then I related myself to her. Would I sign the contract? Could I possibly understand Christian Grey? Would I have accused Mrs. Robinson of being a *********?

And when I relate the story to myself, I love it more. Plus, they have sex at LEAST five times a chapter. And I hated it. Like really?? Ain't that much sex in the world. But then I related myself. If I was in a very strong relationship would I feel the same as them? And I know I would. Because I'm a very caring person.

This book is excellent. You REALLY have to have an open mind. And their intimacy...Lolz. The Boom Boom Room I call it, Woo!! And those balls...And wth is a genital clamp?? But you have to see the loving beauty of all of that. You have to push aside your nasty or angry thoughts and feel their emotions. Putting yourself in THEIR shoes.

And those big words! Helping my vocab already. =) Loquacious means talkative. Lolz. I love it!!

Overall, it's an amazing trilogy... So far! I am in the middle of the second book. =)
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2012

I have read all three. I didn't like the first book only because I really wanted her to stand up for herself (don't think I could ever be a sub lol) but I really enjoyed the second book. The balls certainly sound interesting. Apparently sales of them here in Australia have gone up by 50%

I enjoyed the books too! A friend got them for me as kind of a joke but then we both read them and well.. We weren't laughing anymore ;)