I Dont Like My Step Dad

he always starring at me he stares at me when i go for a walk he even stares at me when i was in the bathroom and i cant even go to the bathroom he waz starring at me i cant take it any more one time i told him i dont like you he got mad and grabed me by my neck and my face and draged me out the door i told you better stop lookin at me he still does he is crazy i sit on the couch he stares at me i come i n the house from school with my mom he stares when i come outta the house with my grandma he strares he even touched me once on my hand i moved it out the way when we go out to eat he stares right in my face then when i waz talkin on the phone with my friend hannah at the table he just starred at me like he waz crazy he called me ugly when i said he waz starring at me i tried to tell my mom she said its all in my head she always put me down when i waz on the computer one time he just kept starring at me moving back and forth then when i waz walkin with my mom and brother s he just kept lookin at me and got mad he took my pillows off my bed and hid them and my mecidicine also and got mad when i talk to my male cousins or talk to older men he will stare and get mad i cant help cause old men stare at or being friendly he gets mad when i talk to my friends he use to hide my cellphone and turned off my computer he even unhooked the phone when i talk to my friends he would just stare at me and when i got my hair did he would stARE IETHER SMILING OR MAD EVEN ABOY LOOKS AT ME HE WOULD STARE AT ME AND GET MAD OR STARE AT THE BOY AND GET MAD I BOYS 24 AND OLDER WE JUST BE TALKIN HE WOULD STARE AND GET MAD HE DOES THAT WHEN I TALK TO MY FEMALE COUSIN TOO HE STARES AND GET MAD WITH MY GRANDMA TOO AND MY MOM AND DOG HE GETS MAD WHEN MY MOM AND LIL BRO TALKS TOO PLEASE SOME BODY I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE THEN HE STILL STARE WHEN I GET MADE MAKE ME MORE ANGRY I CANT STAND HIM HELP PLEASE ANY ONE HE USE TO HIT MY MOM TOO I DONT LIKE HIM
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1 Response Aug 20, 2012

He is obsessed. He is a controller. They believe others cause problems. It sounds as though he is in the last stages of his disease. Perhaps you could get the family and friends together and tell him your feelings, The goal is for him to get help.

yea thats is exactly what they should do