Self Help And Esoteric Books Are My Favorite

I have alot of personal issues in my life with disfunctional extended family and my close family and loyal family I want to be able to help them all when I can so I do my best to KNOW many things.I am always willing to try new things, experience new experiences. So I meditate, exercise,and spend as much time with them as I can teaching them what I learn in books as well as from experience. I have many learning disabilities myself so just reading in and of Itself Is a chore My mind races ,and also I have comprehension issues. Any books about mind expansion or spiritual awareness and Magick are what I enjoy studying.Some of my favorite authors are Manly P Hall,Franz Bardon,H.P Blavatsky.I have also studied zionist ideas by arthur hertsburg,books about raising your personal frequency,The Magic of Conflict,Earth Magic,many novels and fantasy books but anything I can apply in my daily life is way more important reading to me.
xhellabentx xhellabentx
36-40, M
Sep 4, 2012