Looking Forward To Happiness!

As a man, I valued God's presence in my life, cuss life is too short for games and drama.
Am a kind and loyal person who have been in the US Military for nine years now.
I have been serving my country as a military man and grateful doing that, cuss it was my dream since infant.
I have been on EP for a couple weeks and am really liking it here. I should rather say that: It's (EP) a place to be.
Am a single man and seeking, never married and hoping to meet a lady that ready for life time happiness.
A lady that is ready to know about me. To add up, i have cross the pick of my career and i think it's now time for me to have a lady to settle down with in life.
If you that you are touch and you think that you can be the true one, please try by all means to contact me and let's look forward to happiness.

andrewdurbin722 andrewdurbin722
Sep 11, 2012