Does Reading On The Internet Count Too?

LOL.. I have no idea, but when I read anything at all, I just google search about it. Though, yes, I like a good roman, but my taste in romans is so picky. It needs to be written as "I", not always "he or "she", and the "I" needs to be a woman, someone who I can reflect myself into. The only book so far I reaaaally like a lot, but I don't think there's an English version of it, written byt he Dutch author Maaike Lammers "Licht & Adem" (light & breath) which is about two female best friends, one of them plays guitar, the other one is a war photographer. One of them lost her husband and then thinks she meets him again but its his twin brother, and she didnt know he had a twin brother and then she falls in love with him but she hates that and so does he. The woman who is a war photographer, in the war, there is a 4 year old girl or 6 year old girl who loses her family and she takes her back home in hopes she can adopt her. Its a book about friendship, romance, emotions, war, relationships, hope, faith, it has everything :D
Other books I like are the books of Neale Donald Walsh, very inspiring about life, the author actually 'writes with God', like having conversations with God, and many people are sceptic about it, but as I know I have had many god dreams and found 'answers' in there which were exactly the same as what I dreamt i thought this has got to be real.. or most of it at least though I think!
Then I also like to read scientific magazines like Eos and Quest, I don't know if that counts too.. but other then all the things I mentioned, I like to look up things on the internet to read, articles, ..........and people their story here on Experience Project to gain some human knowledge :D
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I read constantly<br />
Books on my Playbook. news magazines like the Economist and Macleans as well as time.<br />
On top of that 3 newspapers a day (almost every article on every subject).<br />
Erotica on the net, news stories on the net and pretty much everything from scientific articles to blogs about whatever.<br />
I was brought up to educate myself and now I'm addicted to the written word.

I think in the book "Light & breath" I could reflect myself as well in one of two female characters as the other woman, allthough I'm not a photographer and I don't think I can play the guitar either LOL