'the Jungle'

by upton sinclair

i like reading classics, like this one. its the story of an extended family from lithuania trying to make it big in chicago in the early 1900's. they bought a house, but little did they know that there was interest to be paid as well as the mortgage each month. the main character Jurgis, is doing his best working in one of the slaughterhouses on the 'killing beds' they are called. w/o adequate pay, heat or air conditioning, he has earned enough money to marry Ona, the love of his life, which left his family deeply in debt. a member of the extended family would not be w/o a traditional wedding. he didn't want Ona to work, but there were bills to be paid. i am now to the part where Ona is pregnant and will soon be in 'confinement' which i'm assuming is the last trimester and the birth of the child. Jurgis does not want a mid-wife which 'grow as thick as fleas' in Packingtown, where they live. he wants a male doctor which will cost much more than a mid-wife, but he is willing to make it happen by not eating if he must.

i've always liked to read. now, w/ 2 children its difficult to find the time. but it is such a great book. i bought the book new, which i rarely do. usually i take it out from the library or buy it at a second-hand store. that's where i find excellent reads.
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Sep 20, 2012