Fiction Vs. Non

I've always loved reading, but somewhere in college I seemed to lose interest in fiction books. It sort of came back, but I still have a lot less patience for fiction than for nonfiction these days, and I don't really know why.
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3 Responses Dec 23, 2006

At some point non fiction books become boring..but in case of fiction it always keeps u inclined towards the end of the story.

I love Bernard Cornwell too and for the same reasons. It is a realistic world with pagans and Christians at each other's throats, where people spit and urinate to avert evil, fallible heroes and the rarity of steel armour. So much better than the sanitised Disney-like version of King Arthur.

What kind of non fiction do you read? I find that I really like accurate historical fiction like bernard cornwell etc because you're learning as you go, without losing the excitement of a fiction novel (I find non-fiction to be a bit sterile).