Need To Recover Videos From Camcorder?

When you get new camcorders, do you like to record videos, take photos in your journal. However, many camcorder users will meet the same problems as below

Q1: How do I recover photos from camcorder ?
I accidentally deleted my photos on my camera and how do recover deleted pictures on camcorder.

Q2: How to recover videos from camcorder ?
Hi, i clicked alot of pix today..for work....on my boss' cam....and then i connected the cam to the pc...i tried to delete a few blurry pix at once...and all the pix got deleted!!!!...the cam even had sum personal pix of my boss n she's gonna get crazy if i don't get the pix back!...

Luckily, a friend of mine recommended me a camcorder recovery which he tried very great. I download it and found it's very easy to use, and can help in the recovery of the photo and video files with perfection. As such this application has copious functions that are helpful in the recovery of the lost video files or recover deleted photos.

More things:
Learn the simple guide about camcorder data recovery

1. First download camcorder recovery for software, capable of recovering pictures as well as videos and musics.

2. Photo recovery will do a scan of your camcorder, you can set filters to specify files you want to recover.

3. Click convert to have all your lost videos and photos back.

If all work well, you will be get back your videos and photos from camcorder in a few minutes.

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1 Response Nov 12, 2012

First of all you must consider what type of storage you have on your camcorder. There are three basic types. 1) Mini DV tape 2) Hard Drive & 3) SD, SDHC, CF card, ETC. If you have a hard drive, the best thing to do is load all the files onto your computer as soon as possible. Some people carry a laptop with them so this can be done frequently or right after a shoot. With Mini DV tape and storage cards you can also load them onto a computer. The only format that might possibly have files hidden would be the hard drive variety which are probably not even made any more. At any rate, follow the instructions in your manual for transferring the contents to your computer if you don't know how. If you don't have the manaul, you can download it from the internet. Once you have your files on your computer, you can arrange them into separate folders and catalogue them in a way that makes it easy to keep track of them. Most computers now come with a basic video editing program which allows you to work with those files in an organized manner. It can be easy to delete content entirely from a card or camcorder hard drive but there are failsafe features to keep that from happening. With Mini DV, it takes a while to delete everything that's on the tape and requires that you actively engage an erase function. I hope this is helpful.