An Interview With The Author Connor Fitzgerald

An interview with Connor Fitzgerald; author of A Brave New Squad, In Each Other We Trust, The Enemy Within and The B-Squad.

1. What are your books about?
The B-Squad books are about a counter-terrorist organisation who uses facebook to profile and recruit new members who carry out dangerous missions to stop the flow of money from getting to terrorists.

2. How do you know so much about terrorism?
I don't. I was born and raised in Belfast and experienced the devastation and hurt caused by terrorist acts as well as the long suffering and lingering pain they leave behind.

3. What inspired you to write?
Many things have inspired me; from a simple taste, smell, or memory but what inspired me the most during the writing of this series were the songs of Thirty Second to Mars in their album This is War. But if I was to say what inspired me most to want to write it was the prose contained in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Do you have a favourite quote?
I used sum of the more famous Sun Tzu quotes in the final book The Enemy Within as part of a debate between two commanders but my own personal favourites come from To kill a mockingbird; most notably ''The cold water embraced him like no woman ever could''.

4. Which of your books do you recommend to read first?
A Brave New Squad is part one of a three part series but also the initial start of the story itself. It is the best one to start with especially because the twist at the end usually means you have no choice but to read the next part in the story called in Each other We Trust.

5. Who is your favourite author?
I'm into action and military fact as well as fiction. I have enjoyed reading both Andy McNabb's factual books about his life and time in the SAS as well as the fictional novels by Chris Ryan but my guilty pleasure is the fabulous erotic writer Nicci Greene.

6. Where can readers buy your books?
The B-Squad series of novels are available as ebooks to download from amazon onto any kindle, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Blackberry.

Are they available in paperback?
They were initially published as paperbacks by Dorrance Publishing in the US but I'm working with a UK company to have them republished in the UK for worldwide release so watch this space!
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