Reading Is Essential--Book Group Anyone?

Reading improves our minds in so many ways by expanding our imagination, our vocabulary, seeing new turns of phrases and sentence structures.

We owe it to ourselves to read as much as we can, to absorb all that we can to expand our knowledge and view of the world.

I think a book group would be a great idea...if anyone is up for it.  I like nothing better than to read a book and discuss it with others who have read it to get their take on it. 

If anyone is interested, then shoot me an email and we can begin selecting the inaugural selection...

ginger1979 ginger1979
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3 Responses May 16, 2007

I like the idea, but I love picking and choosing for about a list of possible reads?

Me too. I'm in.<br />
what are we reading?

Hey, I LOVE to read and would love to join a book club .... count me IN!!