Books That Read

I love books that in some mysterious way feel like they are simultaneously reading you, as you read them. That sensation makes it seem as if an unknown person of great wisdom and empathy is coming out of the book, putting their arm around you, and in utter silence; telling you that someone understands.
Trenchantly Trenchantly
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Wow...well thoughts exactly. But what you have expressed so well I have struggled too. The first book I read as an adult was Crime and Punishment. And I loved how as I read the book...I started to merge with the mind of the main character. I got taken into another world full or amazing thoughts and ideas....many of them become part of your thinking process. I was hooked on the classics after that..I read hundreds. And they became me and also made me feel a lot less alone. :)

Thanks. I love Crime and Punishment, and Raskolnikov would make a great soul mate for me. The language Dostoyevsky uses is exotic and often in the form of complicated grammatical structures, but truly wonderful.