During the summer, I probably read over 100 books. I can read about 1,000 pages a day and I love all kinds of books except for non-fiction. I'm running out of books to read ,so does anyone know of good authors for teens? I especially like romances or paranormal stories. Some of my favorite authors are Meg Cabot, Richelle Mead, Rachel Caine, and Sarah Dessen.
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I love the Pretty Little Liars series and the Lying Games series by Sara Shepard, plus I watch the shows on ABC Family. Also, I'm reading the Secret Circles series by L.J. Smith.

It's a great show. .can't wait for it to start back up! But the show is why I started reading the series and I'm on the 11th book now

Yeah it's one of my favorites!! (The bolks and the show)

Sorry books not bolks

Thanks!! I'll be sure try them all!