I Like Books More Than Tv.

I have to say the tv doesnt really do a lot for me unless i am using it for educational purposes. Much more ofter I can be found reading a book.

I like a huge variety of books. Everything from young adult vampire to self improvement. Right now I am reading David Baldacci's Divine Justice. Its number 4 of his Camel Club series. Extremely well written. Not a single one of his books has ever let me down. My all time favorite book series is The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I dont know that i could pick a favorite book from that series as they are all so good. Some of my other favorite authors are Clive Cussler, WEB Griffin, Richelle Mead, PC and Kristin Cast (House of Night Series) and plenty others. I have even read Harry Potter 4 times. I only read Twilight once and that was enough for me. I started to read it a second time and realized i wouldnt pick up on anything new and put it down.

For more nonfiction and self help type stuff I read a lot of Sylvia Browne's works. Her Journey of the Soul series really struck a cord with me as i was searching for what i believe and now most of my beliefs are based on her presentation of the Universe and our Creators. I also really liked The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and Negotiate This! By Herb Cohen.

This is such a brief list as i love to read. If anyone out there would like to discuss any books please comment or message me. I would love the discussion. : ). Happy reading.
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I feel the same way!! I love reading, even as a kid. I was reading or out somewhere. Not a TV person, I just can't do it.

Most times I only watch tv when I am sitting with my wife and kids or I am doing something else that I want the background noise for. Even then I usually have the history channel on. Though most of it is crap it is still entertaining.

Yeah, that makes sense. I like to keep up on Real Time with Bill Maher and some history channel is entertaining, but I don't have TV so I search stuff off the internet on occasion if my boyfriend wants to watch a movie. Forks Over Knives and plenty of nature documentaries. For books, if you haven't read it, Toujours de Provence is a Peter Mayle book I enjoy.

I too love to read, I am in a book reading club that meets once a week, we read & discuss the chapters we read.
I to have read the 7 Habits of highly Effective People, as well as The richest man in Babylon by George Clason, How I raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling, by Frank Bettger, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone. I could go on !! It helps us learn & produce more !!

My landscaping season is coming to an end shortly and I will be going right into real estate. I will have to keep the books you've mentioned in mind. Thank you!

They are great learning tools !! Good luck.