My Safe Haven

I started reading when I was very little. To me reading is a distraction, an escape from reality. I liked to imagine myself to be a part of the book, either as a spectator or as one of the characters that I could relate to. And then I would escape into that world, the story holding me captive and pretend to be someone I wish I was and hope that reality was not how it seemed. It kept me safe. I learned about a lot of new things, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to elsewhere. Increased my knowledge, helped with understanding people. Taught me to look at the world from different perspectives. But to be honest, reading did not improve a lot of things. My social life, my ability to face problems and yes, now I realize, my dreams from back then were entirely misjudged.
lifeofmine lifeofmine
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012